Looking for a new home can be an exciting and scary process. Love The Green Team is here to help you.  We work with each of our clients individually, taking the time to understand your unique needs and lifestyle, and we want to do the same for you.
It may seem overwhelming at first but we will help you every step of the way. We are so excited to get started on finding you the perfect home.



When can I start looking at property?
Several things need to happen before we start looking at properties.  First, if you are getting a loan, you need to meet with a lender (we can recommend some for you) and find out how much you qualify for.  Next we will meet and talk about the home buying process in NC and your wants and needs concerning your future purchase. Then you need to provide all the paperwork necessary to be pre-approved.   At this point if you are ready to buy in the next 90 days then we will start looking at houses.   This seems like a lot so just keep reading and it will make more sense.

If I call or email a Realtor about a house I saw online who is the Realtor working for?
If you have not signed a buyer agency agreement, then the Realtor is working for the seller.

Can I work with more than one Realtor?
It is possible that you may have some part-time or inexperienced Realtors who are willing to show you a few houses without requiring you to sign a buyer agency agreement; however they may not be working for you – they may be working for the seller.

How do I know if the Realtor is working for me?
You will sign a buyer agency agreement that states the time period and who you are working with. This agent or team will be your contact point for all homes you want to know more about.  This agent or team will call for information on “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) properties for you and stay in touch with you.

How does a Buyer’s Agent get paid?
Realtors are usually paid on commission at the close of the sale of a house. In most cases the Buyer’s Agent is paid by the seller as part of the listing agreement.  Top professional buyer agent and teams usually request a retainer fee from the buyer since real estate is their full time business and are not in the learning stage.



REALTOR   A real estate professional who is member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.  Not everyone who has a real estate license is a Realtor.

PRE-QUALIFICATION provides a maximum amount of money that you might be able to receive.  It is a quick online application, telephone, or in-person conversation about your current income and expenses. The lender may not have verified all of the information, and a pre-qualification is a general idea of how much you can afford.  Most full time professional Realtors will require a Pre-Approval before placing an offer.

PRE-APPROVAL begins when you meet with a mortgage lender and complete a full loan application. The lender will then obtain a credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus, document and verify all acceptable income and assets, and have the file approved by the lender’s underwriter. The lender will issue you a Pre-Approval Commitment Letter and will suggest loan programs that closely meet your needs. This is typically good for 120 days.

There are several online courses that go into great detail and some lenders require that you attend the online course or our local On Track Home Buying Course

It is a challenge for one person to keep up with all the moving parts and required details that is why we use the team approach.  We will make your transaction as smooth and easy as possible.  Love The Green Team has set protocols and makes sure the following tasks are taken care of in a timely manner:

  • One-hour free consultation about the buying process
  • Help create a search cart for you utilizing our website
  • Provide a list of lenders, attorneys, insurance companies and home inspectors
  • Create a detailed MLS search cart with the most up to date listings
  • Regularly review and delete or add houses that match your personal criteria
  • Establish showing list
  • Schedule showing appointments
  • Call list agent to find out more about houses if necessary
  • Drive to and show houses
  • More research on certain houses such as comps, deeds, mortgage payoff, comps
  • Provide feedback to list agent
  • Analysis the currently sold houses (Run comps)
  • Call list agent—status check of house and sellers
  • Pull records—tax, deed, plat, GIS, restrictions, etc.
  • Write a paperless offer in Docusign
  • Retrieve and send offer to list agent
  • Negotiate offer—accept, change, reject
  • Upload additional paperwork for foreclosure, REO, short sale
  • Deliver earnest money and contract to list agent
  • Write and deliver additional paperwork
  • Oversee requirements during Due Diligence period
  • Contact lender—get pre-approval letter to list agent within 3 days
  • Schedule inspections
  • Review and explain inspection reports
  • Email, text, call all parties about home inspection
  • Write Due Diligence request
  • Answer appraiser questions and let them in house if necessary
  • Stay in contact with lender and attorney
  • Finalize closing – resolve issues, coordinate remaining paperwork, calls, and schedules
  • Review HUD
  • Walk through
  • Attend closing
  • Provide a great big hug to the new home owner!
  • Available to answer questions concerning move in
  • Remain your referral source for all things related to your new home

Our goal is for you to find your home in the first 8 houses we show you. This is accomplished by listening to your needs, understanding your finances, and knowing the market.

Before we schedule our free initial consultation it is important that you have an idea of how much house you can or are willing to spend on a house. If you are purchasing with cash please provide proofs of funds at the time of the appointment. (Letter from your financial advisor stating amount available and time frame to fund purchase.)  If you need a mortgage we have a list of preferred lenders so please give us a call.